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I paid £40 for a personalised bag from Crystalizeit.I waited 30 days and emailed to say I hadn't received it.

They replied saying they had too many purchases to deal with. I said they could have told me sooner instead of making me wait to which they replied saying I was being sarcastic and they did not want to deal with me. They also said that although there websit says it takes 30 days to deliver it actually takes 45. That said they would no longer send out my bag and refund me.

This refund took 28 days to come through.

This company has lied to many customers and has been rude and sarcastic.I would never EVER buy from these people again.

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Exactly the same for me - no bag delivered.Constant emails back and to.

Same story - so many orders and their designer had walked out.

I reckon they are trading under a new name.Filthy thieves.


I think the magazine was Heat or Now as thats why I went through them too also feel this was scam regarding the paypal thing as I couldn't open a dispute either because of how long it took


I ordered a bag last year the same waited the 30 days emailed them to be told that they re very busy and the lady had walked out but have a new lady, asked me if I would like a refund or if I want to continue with the new lady. I responded for them to carry on....another 30days wait....tried to email them but they have vanished completely so looks like I have lost my money as well as not receiving a bag! Not a happy bunny!


Did any1 have any luck getting a refund??I purchased a bag in June 2011 - same story given, bag was never delivered.

I chased and chased but didn't get anywhere with them.To date, I have not received a response or my money back.


I ordered the bag back in June too, I think that this has been a scam as they probably knew that you cant open a dispute on Paypal after 45 days! So I cant get a refund Im so annoyed, we should write to the magazine that featured it, anyone know which one it was?


God I feel such a fool.Is this company still trading?

I will be contacting my c/card company for a refund as the bag I ordered in June has still not arrived.Anyone know where they are based?


I ordered my bag back in early June of this year from seeing it in a magazine which i wanted for my holiday 2 months later but didnt get it they then emailed me late august and said another lady was printing the bags and was much quicker so there is a slight delay in recieving the bag but if i asked for a refund i would get one i have emailed them several times and havent heard back!!


Your not the only one look at the Facebook page crystalize it (screwed us over). I had an experience similar to you by the look of some of the comments on this page I think we're luck to have even got a refund!

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